About Our Marina

Our Marina provides a quiet refuge to the boating community whether just for the night or for as long as you need. 


We are still in our humble beginning stage. While the full Resort accommodations are
not yet open in this Phase 1A of our Marina development, we are happy to announce that we have lots of boat mooring and anchoring space with a service boat available. 


As our Marina continues to grow based on our master development plan, we endeavor to make your future visits as comfortable as possible with the facilities we offer and to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We will take great pride in providing our guests with the highest levels of professional service and hospitality. There’s limited accommodations available at the moment.

The resort’s old Pearl Hotel has been decommissioned and will undergo renovation. But along the serene mangrove river Caylabne has a quaint residential area with 8 villas.
Each villa has around 10-12 units of 30sqm accommodations. Each villa has a small plunge pool located in the common area. 


You may radio Caylabne Bay Resort and Marina on *VHF channel 69 as you approach our cove and we will assist you into your slip.

Caylabne Bay Resorts & Marina is surrounded by the historical El Fraile (Fort Drum),
Corregidor Island.