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Services & Facilities

Our Marina is within walking distance from most of its facilities. While the Hotel/Resort
redevelopment is still underway, the Marina is still a comfortable hang-out for family and
friends who prefer that low-key laid-back vibe

  • Safe anchorage and mooring in all weathers

Safe Anchorage in all weather.jpg
  • 24 hours security services with patrol boat

24 hours security services with patrol boat.JPG
  • Free Caylabne Bay Resort & Marina entry for boat owners, guests and crew 

  • 24 hours service boat

24 Hours Service Boat.jpg
  • F&B services including dine in, takeout and on boat catering 

  • Filtered drinking water and ice station 

  • Clean water service to moored boat

  • Boat in water bottom scrubbing service

Boat in water bottom scrubbing service.jpg
  • Crew dormitory facilities

  • Offshore rescue coordination service

  • Firefighting and water pump out service

  • Regular boat inspection for Long Term Stay boats without local crew

Regular boat Inspection for Long Ternm Stay boats without local crew.JPG
  • Liaison with  Punta Fuego Yacht Club for fuel and refuelling services

  • Liaison with Papaya Yacht Charters and Services for repairs and maintenance

  • Liaison with accredited local services and repair providers

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