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Rules & Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines
Event: 1st Caylabne Bay Fishing Tournament

Date of Event: October 30, 2022

1. Target Species is ANY! except sharks, rays & “butete”. 
2. Participant/s who will fish or cast in prohibited areas will be disqualified.  
3. Other than the milkfish bait, NO fresh baits or live baits are allowed. All Lures only.  
4. Strictly No Drone-Fishing or any use of remotely controlled fishing-aid gadgets. 
5. You can bring in several rods but only one rod can be used at any given time. 
6. Only land-based fishing is allowed.  Use of any watercrafts is not allowed. 
7. Only co-participants can help you in lifting your catch using fishnet. 
8. Non-participants or “alalays” are strictly prohibited in fishing areas. 
9. Overhead casting or casting on top of any participants in piers is strictly prohibited. 
10. Intentional cross-lining can disqualify you.
11. When a participant is reeling a fish, affected participants should give way.  
12. No Limit in size of reel, line or rod. Handline is not allowed. 
13. Except for milkfish, Only Fishes weighing 1 kilo and above will be eligible for weigh-in.  
14. For milkfish, Only Fishes weighing 500gms and above will be eligible for weigh-in.  
15. No Waiver-No Fishing. No Protesting of any form is allowed.
16. Strictly NO Littering- It can disqualify you.
17. Entry to the tournament is non-transferable and cannot be refunded, etc.
18 . et’s promote responsible fishing, release undersized fishes. 
19. The Resort’s policies shall be adhered, such as but not limited to:

  • No outside food and drinks allowed except for water and light snack. 

  • Upon entering the resort, allow for security guards to inspect your vehicle.  

  • Fill up the Entry Pass that the security guards will give you. Then before leaving the resort make your Exit Pass validate


Note: Companions that will not participate in the fishing tournament shall pay Php 1,200.00 to include entrance, packed lunch, packed afternoon snack and use of swimming pool.

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